Becoming a Commodity Trader

commodity traderA commodity trader is a career somewhat similar to a stockbroker, except instead of trading stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, you trade commodity futures. In a commodity futures deal, the buyer and the seller agree that a commodity will be sold for a certain price at a certain date in the future.The idea of setting prices in advance appeals to many people because markets can fluctuate quickly. There is no formal educational or work background required to pursue this position. But in order to do the job well, you should have a serious interest in trading markets as well as sales skills and a thorough understanding of financial and mathematical concepts.

Commodity Trader History

While commodity trading may have existed up to 6,000 years ago in China, it did not officially come to the United States until the mid-1800s, when the Chicago Board of Trade was created. Today, there are more than ten trading exchanges in the United States, as well as trading exchanges in more than twenty other countries around the world. In the past, traders traded things like grain or livestock contracts, but now it is common to trade a wider variety of commodities, gold, oil, cotton, sugar, cattle, wheat, lumber, trading silver and other precious metals.Traders usually do not have a need for the specific commodity they are trading. For them, it’s more about gaining exposure and a good reputation among potential clients.

What a Commodity Trader Should Know

trading commoditiesIf you want to be a commodity trader, you will have to be patient; as with any career, it takes time to acquire the right skills. To gain a good reputation as one, it is a good idea to take the Series 7 test, which is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Another available test is the National Commodity Futures Examination (also called the Series 3 Test). It is possible to hold a license for both of these tests simultaneously. Passing one of these tests is absolutely essential if you want to succeed in this business. If you contact brokerage firms, you will find that many offer study courses or exam prep for the tests. You should also be able to locate study materials for the tests online.

Some people are attracted to be a commodity trader because it has the potential for high financial rewards. But trading commodities also has a reputation as a risky financial endeavor, so it may not be the right career choice for people who are especially risk-averse. It is true that some people have lost large sums through this method, but that certainly does not mean it will happen to everyone. If you are serious about this career path, it is essential that you are willing to put in the time that is necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the market. If you are willing to do this, you will find that this path not only offers an exciting experience but can also prove to be a rewarding career choice.

Landscape Gardener Apprenticeship 101

landscape gardener apprenticeshipParticipating in a landscape gardener apprenticeship could be your first step towards working in an exciting and rewarding field.  For those who love hand-on work and the great outdoors, a gardening apprenticeship might very well be the career path they should seriously consider.  Working in a position that you enjoy is what separates the happy from the discontented.  However, going into anything blindly is never a good idea.  In order for you to find the right position, you are going to need to know the basics.

How to Find a Landscape Gardener Apprenticeship

To begin your search for a landscape gardener apprenticeship you should start by getting yourself organized.  Make a comprehensive list of the landscaping companies in your area.  Once you have compiled your list, do a little research on each of the companies so that you can determine which one if the best fit for your ideal career.  Eventually you are going to be contacting these companies, so having a little background information about them will only serve to secure your future.

When you finally get to the point where you are ready to contact different landscaping companies, be sure that you tell them all about your interest in the field.  Let them know about your career plans and ask them if they offer any type of gardening apprenticeship.  Remember, you do not always have to commit yourself to the landscaping company with which you did your internship; you can usually take your business elsewhere when you are finished.

What you will learn

Regardless of the duties that are assigned to you during your apprenticeship, you will likely still be getting a lot of hands-on experience.  As with any job that requires you to labor with your hands, you will be learning all about workplace safety first and foremost.  This will include basic lessons on proper tool and machinery use, as well as tips on landscaping construction techniques.  In addition, you will learn about basic botany, soil and planting methods, and you will gain valuable information about different kinds of foliage such as trees, flowers, and shrubs.

Eventually, you will start to receive lessons that require more advanced skills.  At some point, you may even become privy to landscape design instructions or project involvement.  While you learn all this hands-on data you will also be getting an education about the business end of landscaping.  A well-rounded landscape gardener apprenticeship will leave you with a good understanding of sales, marketing, and customer service.  Meanwhile, you will still be learning about plant identification (because there is a lot to cover).

Typical Work Environment

gardening apprenticeshipWhere you end up working during your gardening apprenticeship varies based on your chosen landscaper’s current project schedule.  You could work in a residential area or be assigned a job in a park, at a local business, or even a golf course.  One of the best parts about the job, besides having the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors, is the fact that your workdays are seldom ever the same.

There is seldom a shortage of projects to be worked on as a skilled landscaper.  Luckily, modern home and business owners are always in the market for new ways to beautify their properties.  In addition, your new found knowledge will be your calling card – one that you can take with you all over the world.  For this reason, finding ventures to take on will likely never be a problem for you.

Salary and Compensation

What you earn from your apprenticeship as a landscape gardener is kind of up to you.  Though you might not be getting paid for much of your work, especially at first, you could stumble upon some priceless knowledge.  Keep in mind that you have to prove yourself to start earning any money; and as a landscape gardener apprentice you will likely have to work for free for a while.  This is especially true if you have little to no skills when you begin.

There are some instances, however, where you could be paid a menial wage for any duties performed.  It is important that you go over these details before you begin your gardening apprenticeship, most likely when you contact the landscaping companies initially.  Doing this will help you to determine where you should start.

What comes after the Landscape Gardener Apprenticeship?

The journey to your ideal career does not end when your landscape gardening apprenticeship is over.  Most likely, by the time you are finished with your education you will be feel more than ready to pursue a career of your own.  In fact, you might even have enough knowledge and confidence to open up your own business.

After your apprenticeship is through you should have a thorough understanding of each step of the landscaping process.  You should know how to choose the right plants, how to prepare the perfect soil compounds, and how to put it all together so that everything will grow well together.  In essence, your landscape gardening apprenticeship should have given you the insights you need to succeed in your field.

Why Landscape Gardening?

There are multiple reasons why folks ultimately decide to pursue a landscape gardening career.  Usually, it is participating in a gardening apprenticeship that allows people to reconnect with nature while learning skills they grow to enjoy.  In an increasingly digital and fast-paced environment, landscaping offers the downtrodden from all parts of the world an appealing opportunity to create something beautiful out of the world around them.

At the end of the day, a landscape gardener apprenticeship can provide you with a highly rewarding career, a robust knowledge of your surroundings, and an expertise that you can take with you anywhere.  You will also become privy to new and exciting projects, not to mention you will probably come to develop a new appreciation for hard work and being in the great outdoors.  Those who pursue a gardening apprenticeship will be able to count themselves among the few who work hands-on to make the world a better place for us all.

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Pursuing a Pastry Chef Apprenticeship

Pastry Chef ApprenticeshipIf you dream of becoming a pastry chef, then completing a pastry chef apprenticeship is the best way to work toward that goal. Before you begin looking for apprenticeships, it is a good idea to pursue a degree in the subject so that you know the basics. Many community colleges and universities offer degrees in baking and culinary arts, and a quick Internet search is all you need to get started on the educational part of your career as a pastry chef.

But if you already have a degree, you know that getting an apprenticeship is the next logical step. A culinary arts education gives you the foundation knowledge you need, but because of the high-stress environment of a restaurant kitchen, an apprenticeship provides the on-the-job experience that will truly determine whether or not you have what it takes to be a pastry chef.
Pastry Chef Apprenticeship

How to Get a Pastry Chef Apprenticeship

There are a variety of ways to get hired for a pastry chef apprenticeship. You may be able to make some connections with pastry chefs during your culinary arts education that lead to an apprenticeship. If not, you can also apply at local bakeries and restaurants. Don’t be afraid to aim high — make a list of the best bakeries and restaurants in your area, and start there. After all, if you want to be a great pastry chef, you should be committed to learning from the best pastry chefs.

Be clear about your passion for pastry in your application and interview, and be sure to highlight in detail your knowledge and experience of the craft.You will find that most pastry chefs are passionate about their career, which leads to a willingness to teach others their craft. Because of the difficult and fast-paced nature of the kitchen, a chef will want an apprentice with experience, someone who will make their long day go more smoothly. The less they have to teach you, the better!

What You’ll Do During a Pastry Chef Apprenticeship

Don’t expect your apprenticeship to be easy. You should probably also expect to devote much of your time to maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and whatever other tasks the pastry chef requests. Pastry chefs work long hours; in a bakery, they must arrive early each morning to prepare and knead the dough for the day, and in a restaurant, they must stay through the dinner shift to create desserts.

As an apprentice, you will not have the same level of creative freedom as the pastry chefs, who will complete tasks such as creating recipes and planning the menu. It may even take you several “practice batches” before you are able to create desserts that are up to their standards. During this time, it is important that you stay devoted to your goals and do not get discouraged.

After Your Pastry Chef Apprenticeship

Pastry Chef ApprenticeshipA pastry chef apprenticeship generally takes one to three years to complete. After your apprenticeship ends, you will have developed the skills, experience, and work ethic necessary to becoming a successful pastry chef.

Though your apprenticeship will have taught you just how vigorous and demanding a career in pastry can be, it is important to remember why you got started. A career in pastry offers opportunities to express personal creativity that is hard to find in other fields.

When you combine that with the chance to see customers appreciate your work every day, it’s easy to see why a career in pastry is worth the work. Getting an apprenticeship is the first step toward finding your passion and achieving your dreams.

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What to Expect from a Sushi Chef Apprenticeship

sushi chef apprenticeshipSushi is a prestigious culinary art form suited for perfectionists, and the best way to determine if you’ve got what it takes is to complete a sushi chef apprenticeship. This career choice is not one to be taken lightly, as it involves long hours and intense training. Apprenticeships are quite challenging and often take several years to complete — and many candidates do not complete them at all. But if you are passionate about the art of sushi, pursuing an apprenticeship will be a rich, rewarding experience.

Getting the Sushi Chef Apprenticeship

If you are interested in pursuing a career in sushi, your best bet is to go directly to a sushi restaurant to seek an apprenticeship. Choose a quality sushi restaurant that you already visit and enjoy. Get to know the staff and chef in a polite, respectful way, dressing and acting as professionally as you would during a job interview. Thank the chef for their work and let them know what specific things you enjoy about the meal.

When you have finished eating, let the chef know you are interested in an apprenticeship. Be prepared to share your specific reasons for interest as well as your expertise and your schedule. It is likely they will prefer candidates with flexible schedules because of the job’s long hours, as well as candidates with previous restaurant experience and culinary training. Try not to be discouraged if things don’t work out at the first restaurant you visit — remember that this is a job interview, and most people must go to several interviews before getting hired!

Duties During Your Sushi Chef Apprenticeship

The specific responsibilities of a sushi chef apprentice vary based on the restaurant and their needs, but for a new apprentice, the initial focus is on cleaning. In some cases, the apprentice will spend the first few months scrubbing floors and washing dishes, so that they will truly understand the importance of a clean, sanitary kitchen. If the idea of washing dishes and scrubbing floors for months on end sounds tedious or unappealing, that’s because it’s supposed to — many programs also begin this way to test a candidate’s dedication and work ethic.

Eventually, the sushi chef apprenticeship will involve more than just cleaning. After a while the trainee will assist with food preparation as well. They will start with learning to properly prepare the rice, which is seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt. Then they will move on to learn the proper techniques of knife cleaning, sharpening, and use. In sushi restaurants, knives are sharpened daily, so proper technique is essential to maintaining a safe kitchen.

sushi chef apprenticeship

After the supervisor believes the trainee has an adequate understanding of knife techniques, they will begin learning to prepare the fish and construct the rolls. However, a new apprentice will have this opportunity only after the customers leave the restaurant. Only the head chef can determine when an apprentice’s creations are good enough to be served to customers. This often takes years of practice, so it is no surprise that many trainees are overwhelmed with joy when the head chef finally approves of their sushi.

During their sushi chef training, a candidate will frequently be judged in four areas: how they handle the food, how they handle the utensils (knives), how they treat the clients, and their general behavior and attitude. Even if the head sushi chef believes the apprentice is doing well, it will likely still be well over a year before the apprentice is allowed to prepare food while unsupervised.The strict perfectionism of sushi chefs can become too much for some trainees, though, which is why many people lack the motivation necessary to complete a sushi chef apprenticeship. But even though the work is repetitive and stressful, many people say that an apprenticeship is a rewarding and enriching experience.

Could Life Coaching Be The Career Of Your Dreams?

Life coaching, professional coaching, personal coaching, these terms are practically interchangeable. Coaching, as a career, is still relatively new within today’s technology-driven job market. This is a fast-growing field, with the demand for coaches far outweighing the number of professionals in this field.  Coaches come from a wide array of professional backgrounds.

Life Coaching is More than Mentoring a Protege

life coaching

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Successful coaches come from all walks of life, and tend to have a genuine love for helping others. From nurses, corporate trainers, consultants, and even Tarot readers, anyone who enjoys helping others succeed can make a career for themselves in the field of life coaching.

Summary of Job and Duties

Tarot based life coaching is different from being an adviser or a consultant.  Instead, being a successful coach depends on one’s ability to facilitate a client’s growth through the application of empathy, insight and action-oriented options for overcoming challenges.

A tarot based life coach uses the additional tools of tarot, astrology, runes and other oracles to help clients gain a deeper insight into the nature of their challenges.  This is different from traditional tarot reading in that it relies heavily upon a two-way conversation between coach and client, and includes the assignment of “homework” for the clients to accomplish between sessions.

Being a tarot based life coach appeals to many professional tarot readers because meetings with clients can take place anywhere, no home office required.  The hours are flexible, with sessions usually lasting between thirty minutes to an hour.


Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Listening – Keen listening skills are necessary for a successful career in the field of coaching because it allows a client to open up in an environment that feels safe, free of judgment, and empowered to attempt an active resolution to overcoming challenges.

Communication – A positive, forward-thinking attitude is essential in life coaching and this attitude must be communicated through the words spoken to a client.  Happy clients leave sessions feeling empowered, clear-minded, and motivated to achieve their goals.

Building Rapport – In order to develop the sort of active listening and open communication needed as a successful life coach, the people skills needed to quickly build rapport is essential.  This means being genuinely concerned about bringing out the best in the client.

Motivation and Inspiration – Wanting to see a client achieve their true potential and attain their dreams is the true goal of a successful life coach. The sort of action-based, goal-oriented, optimistic approach of tarot based life coaching is very beneficial to helping clients stay motivated and inspired.

Curiosity, Courage, Adaptability – Every client is different, possessing different needs, challenges, and goals.  As a coach it is your responsibility to be adaptable and be naturally curious about approaching each client as a wonderfully unique individual.  Naturally this takes courage, as tarot based life coaching is essentially a client-led profession a successful coach is able to adapt quickly to the needs of a client as they arise.



Individuals in the field of life coaching come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.  There’s no need to be certified as a life coach, but there is a tremendous value to earning a diploma as a professional coach. At the very least, great coaches are built by great mentors. Continuing education in the area of personal development is advised.

The same goes for certification as a tarot professional.  Many successful tarot based life coaches are self-taught and have solid credentials built from years of practice.  There are plenty of online Tarot communities, many of which host courses for understanding the myriad complexities of Tarot and it’s application to the tarot based life coach profession.


Life Coaching is More Than a Career, it’s a Lifestyle

Providing the best form of support and encouragement possible for one’s clients requires a constant and unrelenting desire to see oneself grow and attain success as well.  It’s important to remember that success and fulfillment of goals only comes about through an active pursuit of one’s dreams.  There are plenty of books being published regularly about ways to grow personally and professionally, and Tarot summarizes these valuable points quite nicely. By combining the field of life coaching with the tool of Tarot reading, Tarot based life coaching is opening up a world of achievement for clients and coaches alike.

Seeking Out The Best Scholarships For Moms

scholarships for mumsScholarships for moms can often be the saving grace for an aspiring student looking to make a splash in a very effective and prosperous field. But going back to school is a challenge enough. When one Accounts for finances and time management, it becomes incredibly daunting. Scholarships for minorities of all kinds level the playing field, allow everyone a fair opportunity to obtain an education, and help alleviate the problem of funding.

Being of a minority status is not exclusively a race issue. Scholarships are established independently, as well as in a widely publicized forum, for many specific types of minorities. One of the most popular areas of exclusive scholarships is for single mothers. It is no surprise to anyone that single mothers often work harder and face more challenging obstacles than many of their working peers. Fortunately, specific scholarship programs are steadily established to easier the burden and get single mothers on the solid track to success and prosperity for themselves and their children.

Where to Find Scholarships for Moms

The below scholarships all have slightly different requirements, but they still remain some of the most accessible and productive options for mothers.

  1. Patsy Takemoto Mink Foundation: Low income mothers with at least a GED can come away with close to $3,000 in assistance. The general quantity of these scholarships makes them appealing.
  2. Emerge: Emerge is geared towards women who did not have the opportunity to go to school initially due to finances, children, or other matters. The $2,000 to $5,000 average scholarship amount is exclusive to women over 25.
  3. Jeanette Rankin Foundation: this foundation caters to even older demographic, enforcing sizable scholarships for women over the age of 35. The foundation is open to all program types, including technical programs and a first bachelor’s.
  4. SR Education: This foundation takes a unique approach. They will generally avoid all specific information pertaining to finances and history. A woman must have a child. Aside from that, $2,000 average scholarships are awarded through a contest provided the answers of three personality questions.
  5. FAFSA: this is the most widely sought after scholarship or loan, because it is available to any individual that earns under a certain bracket yearly. Single mothers will generally see more in returns than others, but the wide openness and high volume of allocations makes the FAFSA a necessary component of the scholarship application cycle.

Scholarships For Moms – The Battle of Competition

Single mothers graduating High School have additional benefits and opportunities. Scholarships for High School students can also be compounded alongside scholarships for single mothers to make for added assistance across the board. Of course, financial status, location, degree, time frame, and family background all come into play when awarding and allocating scholarships. The sheer limited numbers of available scholarships make deciding who gets them trickier than ever. Decreased funding for minority-related scholarships has also increased the general competition.

All major scholarships have limited quantities, so a student is best to position themselves in a great light and be ready for besting the competition. In many ways, scholarships could be the make it or break it point for aspiring students. Minority-related scholarships are generally much more sizable than federal assistance, and they can even be sued on top of general Stafford loans. The following attributes play the largest part in who receives a scholarship.

  • Must be interested in a long term program and be an undergraduate
  • Must have limited income
  • Must provide financial support for at least one dependent (child support plays a relatively small factor, but it is used to access income)
  • Must be a first time award receiver

These are all general principles, but the specifics are not publicly known on a wide scale. There are exceptions to every rule, and single mothers must face up to the demands of school and have enough attributes to make them eligible for some major assistance moving forward.

The type of degree plays a major part. Many scholarships are given to women pursuing viable and in-demand degrees, such as nursing or dentistry. For example, a fashion degree may not have the same appeal and outlook as a women going in as a pediatrician. But scholarships for moms are readily available, and with enough research a women can find a prolific future committing to their passion in a career.

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Designer Tips to Finding Fashion Internships

fashion internshipsIf your dream is to see your designs on the catwalk, applying for fashion internships should be the next step you take towards achieving your designer dreams. Taking a position as an intern for a fashion designer or a designing company could be the best decision you ever make. You can meet important people in the industry and gain far more experience than you can in a designers class. Of all the internships out there, choosing one in the fashion industry can be one of the most enjoyable because you are not just there as a pseudo-employee, you get to experience every aspect of the field of fashion.

How Fashion Internships can Improve your Style

Turning your artistic vision into a career can be rather difficult without the right contacts and experience, even for the most talented designers. Spending a summer shadowing a fantastic fashion designer can greatly increase your chances of being recognized as a budding new designer with excellent style. It can be frustrating to try and get your name out there without a little help from someone already in the industry. Just don’t delude yourself by thinking that fashion internships are going to be glamorous experiences filled with limo rides and your own personal makeup person. You may be the office gopher and run errands, but usually you will get to do some designing and you will definitely learn a lot.

Learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry can be tricky business, current trends are ever changing and it is all about appearances. To be a fantastic designer you have to have all the right ingredients, including an excellent resume to go along with your stellar designs. Since not many fashion shows are held in rural areas, you may want to consider moving to either the East or West coast to find the best fashion internships. California and New York are fashion meccas and great places to spend a few months if you don’t have the resources or just don’t want to move.

As an intern to a fashion designer, you will have the opportunity to see how everything comes together to create the perfect look. You will be there from start to finish of the designing process and maybe even get a chance to see how the marketing process works. Some designers work for large companies like Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein, while some work as freelance designers and hope to eventually become a big name in the designing industry. It is important to understand that the glamour that goes along with fashion is the end product, as an intern you will get to see what happens behind the curtains, in other words you will get an idea of all the hard work that is put into making and keeping up with trends. You may even decide that you don’t want to be a designer at all, maybe you will find that you are better suited to a different part of the fashion world, such as photography or marketing. The best way to find out is to try, so make every effort possible to land yourself a fashion internship.

Tips for Having a Great Fashion Internships Experience

fashion internships
Because fashion is all about looks, it is important to dress and act the part when applying for one of the many fashion internships out there. If you go in looking like a slob, I’d say your chances of being chosen for the position are slim to none. Wow them with your professionalism and style, and show them that you are eager to learn whatever they have to teach you. In other words, be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as you can during your time as a fashion intern.

Even when you are asked to do a task that seems completely unrelated to your career dreams, always make the best of it. If you are asked to run and get coffee, don’t forget to ask the specifics of what kind and if any cream or sugar is desired… the more the designer likes you, the better your chances of some real hands on experience will be.

Always have a pad and pen with you for note taking, the fashion industry is so fast paced you want to be able to jot down notes so you will remember the important parts. Always be cheerful, nobody wants to work with someone who is all gloom and doom, especially when the objective is to make things beautiful. Give your opinion, but not too often and not at the wrong times. This may sound contradictory but it is actually very important, you want to seem interested and informed, without coming across as being overly opinionated. Lastly, always always always be punctual…I can’t stress this enough. You want to be the best intern the fashion industry has ever seen, so act the part, dress to the nines and perhaps one day you will be offering fashion internships to eager young designers like yourself.

How Psychology Internships can Lead to an Awesome Career

psychology internshipsSo you have decided to go into the field of psychology but you are still unsure of what area of psychology you want to practice in, making use of one of the many psychology internships available can help you in making your decision. Psychologists provide many services to their clients, whether these clients are mentally challenged, psychologically damaged or companies who need assistance in appealing to their target audience. The possibilities of what you can do with a degree in psychology are endless and extremely interesting. If you are lucky enough to land a paid psychology internship, this is even better! Getting paid to learn beats paying to learn any day, and here I will help you find the best internship options available to you.

Psychology Internships: What you Need to Know

Psychology is a field of study used more widely than most people realize, and you will learn this as you progress into your career. Before you progress any further though, you should seriously consider applying for an internship that can help you understand all the intricacies of what psychologists do. If you have ever watched Hannibal, the television series, you know that psychology can even be used in detective work and crime scene investigations.

Generally speaking, people tend to think that psychology is all about treating patients and dealing with mental disorders but this is a common misconception. After all the hours of studying and work that you put into becoming a psychologist, the worst thing you can do for yourself is forget the all important step of exploring all of your possibilities. Not to mention that fact that is almost always a requirement that you participate in a psychology internship between 1-2 years before you can actually get your degree. This makes interning helpful in deciding your career, as well as in being allowed to graduate…which is an all important part of becoming a psychologist.

Different Types of Psychology Internships for Psychology Majors

psychology internshipsInterning will offer you a chance to get an inside look at what it is like to be a psychologist. Often times you can be accepted into a paid psychology internship that will not only help you in deciding what to do with your life, but also put a little money in your pocket.

Many of the internships available to those of you wanting to enter into the field of psychology are clinical internships held at hospitals or educational internships at various different colleges. You may want to start by looking into whether or not your school has any internship options you might be interested in. With these clinical psychology internships you will gain the knowledge you will need in knowing how to handle certain situations that may arise as you progress in your career.

Patient care is one of the main focuses of clinical psychology, through the experience of an internship in this area of psychological study you will go through rotations of various psychological areas of study, such as psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychology, and dealing with those who have been abused.

Perhaps the most interesting part of an internship to someone who is new to psychology is dealing with patients who have severe mental issues, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder and so forth. Being that you have progressed far enough to be looking into internships, I feel there is no need to explain exactly what these conditions consist of.  Seeing patients with these conditions first hand, and learning how to effectively deal with and treat them can be a very rewarding and exceedingly interesting adventure for you.

Forensic psychology is another interesting field of study that can also prove to be quite exciting. You can apply to agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, law enforcement agencies, even the secret service. Who knew that your career path in psychology could give you the opportunity to intern as a spy! … Not really, it is not as though you would be taking on secret missions and such, but interrogating criminals and those under investigation requires the assistance of a trained psychologist. Criminals will try to lie their way out of imprisonment, however, having a psychologist on hand to consult with enables the detectives and agents to better evaluate the situation at hand, whatever the crime may be. Also, in forensic psychology you will explore the why and how of crimes. It is important to be able to get into the mind of a criminal to know why something occurred, this is where your skills will come in.

There are a number of reasons why you should take on one of the many psychology internships opportunities out there, and I hope that this brief exploration of some of the options available to you will aid in your decision making.

How to Land a Great Paid Internship

paid internshipWhether you are a new graduate or still in college, finding the right paid internship is a great way to display your talents and see if you really want the position you are applying for. When you agree to work as an intern for a company, you are allowing the company to see what you can do, which can greatly increase your chances of landing a hired position. The key to having a great paid internship experience is to really give it all you’ve got. You may be a gopher, going for coffee runs and doing a lot of the dirty work that the hired employees would rather not do themselves. Always remember, this is not your permanent gig, look at it as your trial career and make the most of it!

What exactly is a Paid Internship?

Some of you may be wondering what exactly is a paid internship; read on and I will explain. As you may have guessed, an internship is a trial job that companies offer to college students and graduates looking to break into the job market, but want to gain a bit of real-world experience. Really it is a win-win situation, unless you are unfortunate enough to get an unpaid internship that becomes the bane of your existence. This could happen, so prepare accordingly and remember to always make the most of it. The worst that can happen is that you learn that you definitely do not want said job, and you move on.

How to Find a Paid Internship that will benefit Your Career?

unpaid internshipSo now we have determined what an internship is, you have a game plan to make it a good experience and you are ready to go out there and apply. What now? There are many outlets available to find an internship that fits your needs. You can use the massive database of online internship opportunities, check with the career advising department at your college or rely on networking connections and a little gift of gab. You never know when the guy in front of you at Starbucks might be a wealth of useful information when it comes to your field of study, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for possible new connections.

Avoid making the mistake of only attempting one internship, or only one job at a company during your internship. At the very least get to know your pseudo-coworkers and get a look at what life is like behind the scenes of the job you think you want. When it comes to what you are going to do with the rest of your life, you want to ensure that you choose something that will be both fulfilling and still make the bills. Internships do not typically pay much, but what you do not gain monetarily, you will gain in experience. That is what life is all about right? Experience…Internships give you the chance to experience a plethora of career possibilities.

How to be a Super Star Intern

Show up early, even when you do not think it is noticed, trust me, they are watching you closely. Be friendly, without being overly friendly. Don’t cross any office boundaries, if at all possible. If you are the new kid on the block and everyone in your office is of the more experienced, professional type, inviting them back to your place for a ping pong battle probably isn’t going to be your best strategy.

paid internshipYou want to strive for professionalism and never ever make yourself appear to be immature or unprofessional. However, if this is your first internship ever and you are still in school, this is all a learning experience so don’t kill yourself over tiny indiscretions. Do what you can to go above and beyond in the position you are placed in, even if it doesn’t work out you can at least get a good reference from the experience.

The objective isn’t to absolutely LOVE the position; it is to prepare you for the future. What better preparation than jumping in with both feet and living by the sink-or-swim philosophy. You just may find that you are a natural at something you would have never considered. While unpaid internships are fine, try to find yourself a good, paid internship that you will learn from and might even get a killer job out of.

Be A Step Above the Rest With a Goldman Sachs Internship

goldman sachs internshipgoldman sachs internship

If finance is your field of study, there is no better way to get a head start than with a Goldman Sachs internship on your resume. Financial institutions want to hire new graduates who know what they are doing; after all you will be dealing with large sums of money and representing your employers firm. With the economic uncertainties that we are facing and the occasional threat of a recession, having a resume that will knock your prospective employer’s socks off is imperative.

The Goldman Sachs Internship Application Process

In order to get a position as an intern with such prestigious and multinational financial firms there are several steps that you must take to prove you are right for the position. You do not have to have a specific major to become one of their financial interns, but you will have to make it through the application process flawlessly to be chosen.

To apply for a Goldman Sachs internship, you will have to create an account on their website and fill out their questionnaire. Be sure that you include any special skills you may have or any other financial internships you have done in the past. You can apply for a summer or an off cycle internship at one of their branches in America or at one of their European branches. Be sure that whichever location you choose, should you be chosen, you can fluently speak the native language. Nothing can make you look worse than landing the perfect internship just to be ousted because you fudged on your application.

There will be an interview and your GPA will come into play also. Goldman Sachs is one of the premier financial institutions in the world, and they will not let just anyone come to work in their offices. You will have to wow them with your professionalism and your attitude. Because you will be working alongside professionals in the financial industry you want to look the part, so jeans and a sweatshirt will just not cut it. If you have to blow some savings on a new wardrobe, do so. Also, remember to have your resume and cover letter on hand, even if you have electronically submitted it you will still want to take a hard copy, or two, to your interview.

What it’s Like to Have a Goldman Sachs Internship?

credit suisse internshipUnlike most companies, Goldman Sachs offers a competitive salary for its interns, as well as access to their company gym on top of living expenses. That’s not too shabby for an intern job, but you must take into consideration all of the work i.e. experience you will gain. You may be working late into the night making a minimal amount, in comparison to a permanent employee. Be prepared for hard work and dedication, but always remember that it will be worth every painstaking late night in the end.

You will receive training and be placed in a division that suits your personal career desires. That alone is far above the average internship. In case you haven’t gotten this point by now, Goldman Sachs is an excellent place to be an intern! If you are considering applying, you should probably begin preparing now. They only accept around 1,500 interns throughout the world, so you have a hefty competition ahead of you.

Another great step in the right direction is to apply for a position for a Credit Suisse Internship. As one of their interns you will receive training as well as real life experience in the financial field. You can never go wrong with a financial internship, the more knowledge you gain, the better. Credit Suisse is a diverse company with much to offer, and if you prove to be impressive enough during your internship you could be offered a permanent position. Again, your GPA is a large factor in the selection process and you will want to be as professional as possible. A Credit Suisse internship offers several different programs, specific to your goals in the finance world and they also offer a competitive salary.

Landing the position of an intern at either one of these world renowned financial institutions will put you on the fast track to success in no time. The hardest part will be gaining acceptance, the work will be arduous at times, but it will prepare you for your future as a financial professional.If you are serious about your career goals and want to be one of the best, it will take some hard work, dedication and perhaps even a little luck. My best advice is to apply for both a Goldman Sachs internship as well as a Credit Suisse internship, allowing somewhat of a safety net for yourself and whatever you do keep your grades up and remain professional.